This Is How VR Is Shaping Our Future

From the books to the cinemas to set-top boxes, and now VR. The media and entertainment industry has seen a drastic shift in the usage and platforms for consumption of media. VR is an emerging tech which is right now on the horizon of revolutionising the whole media industry. For over 100 Years people have been going to cinema theatres to be immersed in the narrative. Director’s are using more and more visual effects and sound to make experiences supremely immersive.

What if all of that can be done with the comfort of your home? What if the you become an active part of the scene rather than a passive viewer. A study by Green Light VR shows that VR captures 98% of attention of the viewer as compared to 25% in the 2D medium. With companies like Jio providing data speeds upto 1000 Mbps, its no longer a challenge for the VR content creators to deliver high quality experiences to viewers.

Lets take a look at how this is shaping the way we live: