Did you know VR was making headway in these fields as well?

We have all become familiar with the magic VR can spin when it comes to gaming and customer engagement. But did you know that VR technology is doing wonders in some areas that are generally overlooked, but are essential for your everyday life?

Here is a list of some amazing applications of VR that are making your life easier:

1. Architecture:

Designing a house has now become easier. New applications have emerged that enable collaborative design through VR. They allow the home owner and the architect to work together on it real time without having to meet. It saves the time spent on travel and discussion for meetings. Also, it gives a better visualization of the concept than a 2D plan and saves the time taken to make models.

2. Convenient Product Selection:

Many apparel companies have incorporated virtual dressing rooms as a means of customer engagement. But this is not just restricted to lifestyle products. IKEA recently launched an app through which customers can see how a product will look like in their home. Other home decor companies too are using VR to help their customers select the right product that fits their interior. Liminal, in collaboration with AIS Glass recently developed an app which lets the customer explore different shades and patterns of glass.

AIS Glass VR Application

3. Patient Rehabilitation:

We have recently started using VR for our workout regimes. It is very convenient to get a thorough workout without leaving your home. There is now talk of replacing medicines with VR. And now doctors have found out that gamification of a rehabilitation session gives better results than a normal routine exercise.

The idea is to engage the mind as well as the body and inspire positive emotions during workout. Research shows that a patient is more attentive and engaged when the environment is not monotonous. Therefore experts are proposing using VR technology for therapy. Though the technology is still in its early stages, it shows huge potential.


Many opportunities have opened up in every field due to VR. Proper application of the technology can change lives and streamline processes. Though there are several reasons to be cautious of the technology, there are more reasons to embrace it. The millennial consumer is addicted to the latest technology – be it phones, internet or sleeping pods. He is used to seeing the technology advance and change several times within a decade. Therefore, he expects it to aid him in every aspect of life. VR is therefore a perfect opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of the consumer.