This is how XR is changing the Marketing Landscape

Consumers are not satisfied these days with just being spectators. They are more likely to stick around when they are being involved. The ever evolving marketing landscape is adjusting itself to accommodate this need we have to experience something new and exciting.

Marketing, Technology

How Companies Engage The Tech Savvy Consumer

With the world interconnecting at the turn of the century, a lot of things changed. We became more aware of other cultures, befriended people without meeting them, bought brands that we didn't know existed before and sold products to countries we've never been to. All this was possible because of one ingenious invention called the… Continue reading How Companies Engage The Tech Savvy Consumer


Did you know VR was making headway in these fields as well?

This blog post talks about the subtle ways in which VR is making headway in several fields. Usually the positive difference this technology is making in our lives is overshadowed by the limelight of the gaming world and other entertainment fields. We have tried to highlight why the world needs VR in this article.

Hospitality Industry

Why use VR for Hospitality Training?

In the fast growing 4.0 environment, the AI/AR/VR technologies are already making inroads to many functions of a business in several industries. Hospitality is one of the early industries to take advantage of them - not just in the CRM space, but also in the back office operations. It has been long acknowledged that training employees is very important in the hospitality industry. But they have managed to make the process more streamlined and effective with the help of AR/VR technology.